. remix the qoutations&speak out_

. you can download all the videos in .readymade dictionary_ and the quotations on free/open source content page as free/open ogg theora video and remix them easily by concatenating using oggcat as described below to speak out your discourse or to remix the quotations as in quotation remixes page_

. oggcat is a free software command line tool to concatenate ogg theora videos. it comes with ogg video tools. you can download it for your platform

. you can find the manual for using oggcat at FlossManuals’ TheoraCookbook_

. using a command line tool is not that tricky. just open your command line editor (for windows, press start/run and write “cmd”, for mac, open the Terminal program in Applications_Utilities folder) and drag and drop the oggcat file in it. press space bar to leave a blank and write a name for your output file that ends with “.ogg” or “.ogv” (without quotation marks) and press space bar again. drag & drop a ogg theora sample video into the command line tool and press space bar again. drag & drop the second ogg theora sample video you want to concatenate to the first video and press space bar again. do this for all the ogg theora sample files you want to concatenate. when you are done, press “enter”. it doesn’t take long to concatenate since the videos are not re-encoded, but just added end to end. you can use search/find option of your operating system to find where the output file is if you cannot figure it out. the concatenated ogg theora files are valid ogg theora video but video audio sync may get lost after some point if you concatenate so many files.