. readymade dictionary_

. readymade dictionary of the author_ is a database of 275 videos of different people saying just one word to the camera.

. you can download and concatenate/remix these videos on free/open source content page to speak out your discourse or remix the famous quotations as in .quotation remixes_ page

.choose one of the links below to display .readymade dictionary_

. readymade dictionary_

(single page version with all 275 videos on the same page)

. these pages use video element for free/open ogg theora video_ use free web browser firefox to watch the videos and for best browsing experience_ you can also download these videos on free/open source content pageand watch them locally using free VLC media player_

. readymade dictionary_ (two-page version)

. (two page version with approx. 135 videos on each page)